If you are not showing enough income with tax returns or other sources, we can use average deposits into bank statements to qualify.

Qualifying Income with Bank Statements

  • Income can be verified with Personal Bank Statements, Business Bank Statements, or a combination of the two

  • Several bank statement accounts can be used to reach a qualifying income level

  • Bank statement income can be mixed with regular income sources such as tax returns or pay stubs to reach qualifying income level

  • When using Business Bank Statements, either a Profit & Loss statement or a Comfort Letter is to be provided

    • Profit & Loss statement prepared by a CPA when using business bank statements prepared or

    • Comfort Letter can be provided by the borrower as long as proof of ownership can be competed via a third party

  • Partial business ownership results in partial calculation of business deposits

  • Bank Statement Income can be calculated with either a 12 month or 24 month deposit average

  • No minimum expense ratio

  • U.S. Citizens and Foreign nationals