How to Obtain Low Mortgage Rates in Pennsylvania

Keystone Home Finance specializes in low cost mortgage programs for Home Buyers that minimize the expense of buying a home. How do we do this? As one of the top Mortgage Brokers in Pennsylvania, Keystone Home Finance has access to Wholesale Mortgage Rates.

What is the difference between Wholesale Mortgage Rates and Retail Mortgage Rates?

When you buy a shirt at a typical retail clothing store at the mall or when you buy a couch at a furniture store, you are paying a retail price for the item purchased. The same model applies when you apply for a mortgage loan at the bank on the corner. That retail bank’s bright, well furnished lobby and building are all part of their operating costs. The payroll and benefits for the staff are all part of that retail bank’s operating costs. The radio and television advertisements are all part their operating costs. The naming rights to place the bank name on the local stadium are all part of their operating costs. Operating costs add to a company’s overhead. As we all know, businesses don’t eat their overhead, they factor this overhead into the price of the product they offer to the end consumer. The mortgage rate you are offered by the big bank on the corner has the bank’s overhead priced into the retail mortgage rate they offered you.


A little known option within this banking model is that many of these same retail banks also offer another set of mortgage rates that their direct consumers never see.

These other mortgage rates are issued through the bank’s Wholesale Mortgage Division. These Wholesale Mortgage Rates can be offered cheaper because the bank is not paying any of the broker’s overhead costs. The broker, in turn, can offer these to the consumer at a lower rate with cheaper costs than the bank’s retail division.

Accessing these Wholesale Mortgage Rates just isn’t possible by walking into the local bank branch. Banks only offer these cheaper Wholesale Mortgage Rates through their licensed broker partners. Outsourcing these Wholesale Mortgage Rates is beneficial to the banks because it is a way to increase their lending footprint while not incurring the overhead costs associated with offering these loans through a bank branch.

This is where Keystone Home Finance enters the picture

Keystone Home Finance has access to these Wholesale Mortgage Rates. To keep these low, wholesale rates cost-effective for their customers, Keystone Home Finance does not charge any of the own Processing Fees, Underwriting Fees, Administration Fees, or any other type of fee that would be referred to as a “Junk Fee”.

Over the years, we have had countless customers who have come our way after realizing that they can obtain a mortgage with us that is much cheaper than the mortgage they have been quoted from the bank that holds their checking or savings account. Call us and compare for yourself.


Whether you are a First Time Home Buyer or seasoned Real Estate Investor, Keystone Home Finance can structure a mortgage program for you that meets your financial goals and does so in the most cost-effective way. Obtaining a Mortgage is often the biggest debt a consumer will ever undertake, let’s make sure it is done right.

What Keystone Home Finance can do for you…

  • Access to low mortgage rates in Pennsylvania

  • Consistently rated as one of the top rated Mortgage Brokers in Pennsylvania

  • Free Home Buyer Analysis - This analysis will will inform you of exactly what you need to do to purchase the home of your dreams.

  • 24 years of experience makes the mortgage process smooth and stress free


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