The founder of Keystone Home Finance has been helping customers obtain low cost mortgages in Pennsylvania since 1995

Headquartered in the Pittsburgh area with a reach that spreads across all of Pennsylvania, Keystone Home Finance has been consistently recognized as a leading source for low cost mortgages. The founder and owner, Keith Landis is a well known author within the mortgage community and has been sharing his expertise on mortgage guidelines with Home Buyers, Realtors, and fellow mortgage professionals since 1995.

Why Experience Matters

The road to a home closing occasionally has a pot hole. The appraisal value might not agree with the sale price, there might be an unforeseen property repair, maybe an unexpected change occurs to your financial position during the process. You need an experienced professional who can foresee potential issues and who has the experience to tackle any issues when they arise. A professional who has seen every possible scenario and every possible outcome. Keith Landis has been a professional in the mortgage industry since graduating from Penn State in 1995. The industry has been through many changes during this time. Mortgage guidelines change, interest rates change, home values change, and many banks and lenders have come and gone. Keith has survived and thrived in this environment because he works with the best interest of his clients in mind.

First time clients end up being life time clients because they realize they are not just working with a lender who complete one transaction and then says good bye, they are working with someone who will be there to answer questions throughout the mortgage process and throughout the life of their loan. His deep experience will make your mortgage application run smooth from application to closing.


“Let Experience Work For You”



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