Foreign borrowers to 95%

  • Non-Perm residents max 95% (eligible for OO, 2nds and NOO)

  • Foreign Nationals to 75% (eligible for Second Homes and NOO)

Foreign borrowers with a valid passport and an unexpired Visa.

  • Visa types accepted: B-1, B-2, H-2, H-3, J-1, J-2, O-2, P-1, P-2 and I

Foreign National*

þ Max Loan Amount of $1.5 Million

þ Purchase & R/T to 75% LTV to $1.0M; 70% LTV to $1.5M

þ Cash Out to 70% LTV to $1.0M; 65% LTV to $1.5M

þ Full Doc: 50% DTI, 12 Mo. Reserves

þ Minimum DSCR is 1.15 (No DSCR/DSCR ≤ 1.15 options available)

þ Asset Depletion allowed on Purchase & R/T, Subject to Full Doc


þ 1x30x12 Mortgage History