No Down Payment Mortgage Options for Home Buyers in Pennsylvania

When looking to buy a home in Pennsylvania with absolutely no down payment you have essentially two options: a VA Mortgage and a USDA Mortgage. There are other mortgage programs that have low down payments but VA and USDA are the only programs that have no down payment at all. Learn more about Low Down Payment options in Pennsylvania.

VA Mortgage

  • Available to qualified Military Veterans and Active Duty

  • Flexible credit criteria than other programs

  • Minimum 600 credit score

  • All closing costs can be paid by the seller



USDA Mortgage

  • Available in USDA eligible areas

  • Income restrictions - borrowers must meet County income requirements

  • Closing costs can be paid by seller or can be financed into the loan balance

  • Minimum 580 credit score

  • Find out about your USDA eligibility by visiting Pennsylvania USDA Mortgage