Got Me Out of a Jam

I was in the process of buying a house and the lender I was using was not calculating my income correctly.  I am a business owner and what my bank told me initially about qualifying with my tax returns was now for some reason a big problem.  I looked online for help and after researching I came across Keith.  We spoke several times for about a week, I was still hoping to work things out with my lender because I was already so deep into process with them and the closing was now less than 3 weeks away.  After continuing to get feedback from my lender that they were unsure about my approval, I switched everything over to Keith.  We got an approval the next day and we ended up closing on the day we were scheduled for.  We were also able to use the appraisal I had paid for with the other bank so I didn’t waste any money.  I had initially applied with the bank that I had my checking account with for years so I didn’t expect to have any problems.  I would have saved myself some stress if I had gotten the mortgage from Keith on the first day.  I recommended him to my brother who is starting to look to buy a rental property.

- Jeff Schroeder from Squirrel Hill PA

Keith Landis