Updated Guidelines for Jumbo Mortgages in Pennsylvania

Guidelines for Jumbo Mortgages in Pennsylvania just had an update that provides for higher loan amounts and lower equity requirements.  These products offer low fixed rates, optional escrow and no mortgage insurance for any product, including those with a Loan to Value (LTV) over 80%.


  • Jumbo loan amounts up to $1 Million, 80% Loan to Value (LTV)

  • Single Family, 2-Unit, Duplex, Townhome, all up to 80% LTV

  • Condominiums to $700,000, up to $80% LTV

  • Jumbo Loan amounts to $1.5 Million, up to 70% LTV

  • Combos now allowed up to $1 Million @ 85%  LTV/CLTV

  • 90% LTV for loan amounts up to $800,000