USDA Mortgage Property Eligibilty in Pennsylvania

USDA Mortgages, also known as Rural Development loans, are by definition meant for “rural” properties that will be a primary residence.  All borrowers on a USDA mortgage application must also occupy the property.


USDA Property Eligibilty

  • First and foremost the property must be located in USDA eligible area.  To find out if a home is USDA Eligible, the USDA Eligibilty map can be found here

  • Residential properties only

  • No working farms, no hobby farms, no former farms with standing farm buildings

  • Planned Unit Developments (PUDs) are allowed

  • Condos are ok if the condo complex is already approved for Conventional or FHA financing

  • Manufactured Homes with permanent foundations are allowed

  • New Construction is allowed

  • Property can not be located in a 100 year flood zone

  • Value of land can not exceed 30% of the total value of the property unless typical for the area