Mortgage Loans for the Self Employed


Average Deposits into Bank Statements

  • Qualify using average deposits into bank statements

  • Average deposits calculated over a period of either 12 months or 24 months

  • A combination of business and/or personal bank statements can be used

Asset Depletion

  • For those who use their Asset accounts as their income source

  • A percentage of the Asset balance is used as Qualifying Income

Feature 3

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Are you self employed and having trouble qualifying for a mortgage due to the deductions on your tax return?

Do you have plenty of assets but not a lot of verifiable income?

Not everyone has income that can be verified in the traditional manner of W2s, paystubs, and tax returns. There are mortgage programs for the self employed or for those who derive their income from their assets.

These programs can be an alternative for those with good credit and down payment funds.